Long Island Bariatric Center Services


The Long Island Bariatric Center offers many options for weight loss and weight management. Our clientele include individuals seeking to improve their health and weight. Dr. Dory will help you develop an individualized plan that is based on your weight loss history, your food preferences, your budget and your lifestyle.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss


Comprehensive weight management offers an approach which is not available with commercial weight loss programs.  Only a medical provider can customize a plan based on your unique needs, health conditions and weight loss history, and help you lose weight safely and sensibly. Working individually with a healthcare provider allows for adjusting the program, and even trying a different approach to optimal weight loss and weight maintenance, if necessary.




The Optifast Program, a medically monitored weight management program, uses high quality meal replacement formulas (shakes, bars and soups) in combination with lifestyle education to help you to lose weight, improve your health and develop the skills to successfully manage your weight in the future.


The program, which usually lasts 26 weeks, utilizes a full meal replacement plan that transitions to self-prepared meals and incorporates ongoing medical monitoring to follow your progress and weight loss. 



Weight Loss Medications


There are numerous medications approved by the Federal Drug Administration for weight loss. For some individuals, prescription weight loss drugs may be indicated. When diet and lifestyle changes alone aren't enough, weight loss medications might give you the extra help you need. They are usually prescribed if your BMI is 30 or higher, or at least 27 and you have a health conditin related to your weight. Weight loss medications have been found to be helpful for indivuduals who have already had weight loss surgery, and have not lost enough weight, or have experienced some weight regain. Just remember, you'll still need to focus on diet and exercise while taking these drugs.


Weight Loss Surgery


Severe obesity can be treated with surgery when other attempts at weight loss have been unsuccessful. In order to determine your appropriateness for surgery, a comprehensive evaluation is performed by a team of health professionals.  This evaluation includes a health assessment, physical examination, dietary assessment and psychological evaluation.  A weight history will be taken, paying particular attention to all attempts at weight loss in the past.  Blood tests, x-rays, and various other tests will be requested to assess your overall health status, and thereby determine your individual risk for complications during or after surgery.


There are several weight loss procedures being performed. All are performed laparoscopically, through several small incisions.  These procedures work by either limiting the amount of food you can eat, limiting the amount of nutrients your body can absorb, or a combination of the two.  Your surgeon and weight management team can help you determine which surgery best fits your lifestyle and weight loss goals.