Getting Started


You’re about to make a great decision—to start the Resolution Health Weight Management Program and begin a wonderful journey to lose and control your weight and improve your overall health. Resolution Health commits to help guide you on your step-by-step journey. Why? Because we know just how important it is for you to discover and integrate success skills to lose weight, improve your health and maintain your weight loss for life.


We Recognize Your Journey


Our program recognizes how habits, behaviors, and actions all intersect to support a healthier lifestyle. No matter where your starting point, Resolution Health provides a foundation to support you as you develop healthier habits associated with behaviors, food and fitness. From the first day of the program, you will begin to understand how particular behaviors affect your weight and be introduced to strategies for healthy living. We get it; no matter how much knowledge you may have about food, health, fitness and dieting, you may still have deeply rooted habits that are impacting your weight.And we understand that despite past attempts at losing weight, you may struggle with habits that are difficult to break. We’re here to help you solve these challenges and move forward with a successful program of weight loss and management.


About the Resolution Health Weight Management Program


The Resolution Health Weight Management Program helps you lose weight. Even more importantly, our program helps you keep it off! We assist you with medical supervision to monitor health improvements as your weight decreases to a healthier range and you develop a more active lifestyle. Your health and happiness is our goal!


It is so Easy to Get Started
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