LapBand Adjustments


At surgery, your Lap Band is usually left empty. Once you’ve progressed your diet to solid foods, an adjustment can be made to help you regulate your portion size and weight loss. The first adjustment is usually done about five or six weeks after surgery. This gives you time to heal and get used to the band. Most patients generally need two or three adjustments before they find their "sweet spot", that perfect level of restriction which allows you to feel comfortably full after eating just a small portion of food.


Why are band adjustments necessary?

Being able to adjust the band is a unique feature of the LAP-BAND and is a normal part of the follow-up. This feature allows you and your health care provider to find the right level of restriction for you. When a LAP-BAND adjustment is done, the size of the opening through which your food travels can be made narrower or larger, thus regulating the amount of solid foods you can comfortably eat during a meal.

Have You Had Surgery Outside the Country?


Our staff works with patients worldwide
to provide comprehensive care including:

  • band adjustments

  • dietary counseling

  • medical monitoring

  • surgeon referral when necessary